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A Q + A With Ede Thurrell | Yoga Align Instructor

We sat down with one of our instructors, Ede Thurrell, to chat about our new class at Align Brooklyn called ‘Yoga Align’. Before we get into our conversation with Ede, here’s a little more about her:

Ede is primarily inspired by a rigorous alignment-based approach to yoga from her teachers in the Iyengar lineage. She also enjoys practicing and teaching Vinyasa flow and even aerial yoga. Ede completed her 300 hour teacher training (with a back care emphasis) with Alison West at Yoga Union. With a background as a professional dancer, Ede has been honored to share her fascination with the inherent wisdom of the body throughout NYC for more than 15 years.

Here is what we covered:

Can you start by telling us more about your personal practice and how this class helps you?

Ede: Sure! I am excited to use the rope wall for myself because it creates more length in the body, so you can create a more ideal pose using the prop. Then you can bring the pose to the mat without the wall. Many people suffer from back pain, and this class helps to create space in the spine and the connective tissue all around.

How else is this class different from the other ones at Align?

Ede: Using the wall takes the weight off of your feet which are exhausted most of the time. Yoga Align is also great for students who aren’t used to inversions or who haven’t developed the strength to do inversions on a mat yet. Inversions have so many additional benefits for us as well.

What does the layout of the class look like?

Ede: We usually start with some props like a foam roller and maybe a ball and work a lot of different body parts away from the wall. Then, we’ll play with some free-standing poses and then transfer those poses to the wall which will make them easier or harder depending. I love using all of the props available here.

What else do you love about Yoga Align?

Ede: It’s really invigorating to use the wall in this way. It takes the pressure off of your joints and it’s very relaxing and quieting. Each pose is held for a lot longer and I’ve found new strengths in each.

Who is the perfect candidate for this class?

Ede: Anyone who wants to know more details about their normal asanas – you have time to really be in the poses and feel each one more deeply. This is also a wonderful recovery class!


**Yoga Align classes are currently not being offered, but will resume when we reopen the studio. Check out our schedule to see what’s coming up in our livestream classes offered currently. We look forward to seeing you all at Yoga Align in the near future!

Published December 1, 2019