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A Q+A With Our First Member, Shinawe!


We had the pleasure of sitting down with Align’s very first member, Shinawe Jimenez! She walked us through her experience with the studio over the last few years and explained why she still loves being a part of our community.

Q: What drew you to Align?

A: It was more about location initially and I was also interested in TRX classes. The little board outside drew me in! I then realized that Align offered yoga and so many other things. I think my first class was a Yoga Wall class and I absolutely loved it. They had an awesome instructor who gave us a good challenge.

Q: Were you interested in health and wellness before coming here?

A: Yes, but it was hard to find a place that felt right. Gyms, the YMCA…nothing felt right – I plateaued when I got bored of the machines. So, yes, I was always into exercise and taking care of myself from a young age. It was just a matter of finding the right fit. I found a ‘home at Align’.

Q: Do you usually take the same class or do you dabble in every class?

A: Oh, I love to try everything! And all of the instructors keep your level in mind so the classes are accessible to everyone.

Q: What made you stay at Align for so long?

A: It was really personalized ‘care’ if you will. A while ago, I had a thumb injury which put me in a cast for six + weeks. I really didn’t want to stay at home, I wanted to be active! The instructors at Align would give me adaptations for the classes so that I could still come. Chris too – he really helped me work through the injury during my training. So my cast didn’t end up being a limitation.

Q: For people who don’t know Pam and Chris, how would you describe them?

A: (laughs) Pam and Chris are fun and quirky…warm, welcoming and professional! And I really got to know them, because in the beginning (five years ago), it was just them! And I was here taking classes all the time.

Q: Do you find that your mental health and emotional balance has improved since coming here?

A: Yes…it’s almost like therapy at times. No matter what happens during the day, I know I can just let it go and let myself ‘drain’ here. I leave everything at the door, and I take care of myself. It also doesn’t feel intimidating here at all – this is a really welcoming space.

Q: Why might you suggest Align to a friend?

A: First of all, the schedule is great – plenty of morning and night classes. And the variety of classes and wonderful teachers! Pam and Chris take the time to select instructors who are really good. If you are looking for a community, a feeling of family, this is a great place. It’s also a good representation of the neighborhood – they match it perfectly.

Published November 1, 2019