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Align Ignite! The best metcon workout in Brooklyn!

We’re super excited to launch our new metabolic conditioning (metcon) class, Align Ignite! We’ve collaborated to create the most effective functional fitness and conditioning workout in Brooklyn. Don’t worry – everybody can do this workout at their own level and build their baseline fitness ongoingly!

The primary goal of Align Ignite (formerly Align Circuit) is to set your metabolism on fire. We are upping our game and challenging you to up yours by committing to an 8 week variable conditioning cycle that uses heart rate based interval training to transform your metabolism into a fat burning machine.


Here are the principles on which we’ve based the class:


We all know that if we do the same workout all the time, it stops working. Regardless of what the goal of the workout is, we find that we hit a plateau. Align Ignite operates on an 8 week training cycle that you can jump into at any time. Each week, the intervals vary timed rest and work periods along a specific 8 week plan. As you get used to the feeling of the intervals, we encourage you to work with greater resistance and intensity.

Heart rate training

There’s not much question that heart rate based training is one of the most effective ways to improve cardiovascular heath and condition your metabolism to burn fat. Unless you’re a competitive endurance athlete, interval training produces the best long term heart health for the general population.

We also now know that the heart rates you train at have an incredible effect on your metabolism. By varying your heart rate throughout your workout you get the benefits of both heart health and a raised metabolism long after class gets out. In the next week or two we will be offering you the option of using a heart rate monitor during class. This will allow you to know if you are in your target heart rate zone and how effectively you are working to get that bumped metabolic effect.

Effective and Efficient

Effective does not mean that you’re dying to go home and collapse after class. To the contrary it means that you live to workout another day, but with a super charged metabolism. Effective also means that you are improving strength, range of motion and endurance.

Efficient means that you have the most effective results in the shortest period of time. You’ll get the best result from this training program by consistently taking class 1-2x per week, but not more. If you want to push yourself, take 1 Align Ignite and 1 Align 1:10 class. Because these scientific workouts are efficient, it’s not necessary to do them every day. It will actually be more effective to mix in yoga, core/Pilates, barre and definitely recovery.

Come check this class out! We promise you this is one of the most effective and efficient workouts in Brooklyn!

Register: https://alignbrooklyn.uscreen.io/pages/live

Published October 27, 2018