Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Flow

A breath to breath practice, that flows through asana in a vigorous, yet intelligent sequence that challenges a student of any skill level. Based in alignment to ensure your safety and encourage stability. Modifications offered. Accessible to all levels.

Yoga Ground

A breath practice that sets the foundation to begin your practice or deepens your awareness of asanas. Poses are held to allow for deeper understanding of your own skeletal alignment. By increasing your knowledge you build confidence to continue to grow your practice. Great for beginners, accessible to students at any level.

Iyengar Inspired

Yoga Heal

This therapeutic yoga class incorporates myofascial work and traction stretching on a yoga prop wall to leave you feeling loose, stretched out, balanced and tension free. This class is good for those working with injuries and back pain.

Yoga Align

This Iyengar inspired yoga class is designed to help you improve and maintain optimal posture. Yoga Align takes a mindful whole body approach, integrating alignment, balance and resilience, rotating each week between a focus on either back, front, lateral and spiral myofascial meridian lines. The class incorporates the use of a yoga suspension wall, Iyengar chairs, as well as other props, such as straps and blocks to facilitate feedback and support towards optimizing asanas for your unique biomechanics. You will leave this class with a heightened sense of grounded-ness, and ease in body, mind and heart. Accessible to all levels. Perfect for those suffering from back and neck pain, as well as other orthopedic injuries.

*These classes are limited to 10 students, so please be sure to register in advance!

Restorative Yoga

Yoga Melt

A restorative practice that allows time to renew both breath and body. Postures are held for extensive periods of time to allow both mind and body to find ease and rejuvenation. Heavy prop usage, accessible to students at any level. Best when paired with a regular yoga practice.