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Member Spotlight: Laura Lutchman

Laura Lutchman is one of our favorite members, someone who has become an integral part of Align family. We were curious about what drew her to Align in the first place, and how being a part of this community shaped her! She was kind enough to give us her feedback, and this is what we got from the conversation:

Laura started attending Align in 2018. She was a single mom, experiencing the hustle and bustle of everyday life – searching for some kind of ‘sanctuary’ that would allow her to spend time focusing on her own wellbeing.

“I was looking for a way to regularly do something for myself. A place where I wouldn’t feel like I was in competition with anyone…where I could just relax and work on myself without being judged.”

Before joining Align, Laura had never tried yoga! Props to her for trying something new. “It was my first time doing yoga. I started going once a week and then sometimes twice a week – it just felt so good.” Laura expressed that she loved the instructors – especially their way of teaching. After months of staying committed to yoga, her confidence boosted and she started to feel really proud of herself for taking the time to truly do something for herself.

Additionally, “There were some days when my mom couldn’t look after my son, and Pam would tell me it was okay if he came and sat until I got out of class. That was a huge help.” Laura also experienced issues with her knees and lower back, so she took a few session with Dr. Brown – “I was really happy with the outcome. He helped me to feel a lot better. I just love the whole atmosphere at Align and would absolutely recommend this studio. The love from Christopher (Dr. Brown) and Pam is so genuine. They are such kind hearted people”.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Laura!


Published November 8, 2019