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The Link Between COVID & Metabolic Health (And How To Fix It)

COVID-19’s Biggest Risk Group

Unlike any other time in living memory, COVID-19 has ushered in a public awareness of health. Yet, when we hear from the CDC, their singular call for vaccinations misses a critical point that research is revealing to us over and over: the majority of COVID deaths were in people who were already sick – more specifically, people who had underlying metabolic disorders .

Since the pandemic, plenty of studies have shown that the sickest COVID patients were those suffering from obesity – they were 113% more likely to end up in hospital, 74% more likely to enter an ICU, and 48% more likely to die.[1] But it’s not only those with a BMI over 35 that are in this risk group: in one of the largest studies of hospitalized COVID patients in the US[2], 48% were obese while 29% were simply overweight. 

And here’s a catch: it’s easy to creep into the overweight category. With the increased stress from all the changes brought by the pandemic, junk food is a popular feel-good resort – and between lockdowns and remote working, many of us are moving around less too. But also: there’s a solution.

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How to Boost Your Metabolic Health

Being overweight or obese is most often the result of poor metabolic health. It’s our metabolism that burns what we eat for fuel and keeps us from storing it as excess fat. If you’re wondering how to increase metabolism to start losing excess weight, there’s plenty you can do – but it takes looking at health in a holistic way.

First thing is food: when you eat high quality proteins during your meals, you can boost your metabolism by as much 15–30% – compared to 0-3% for fats and 5–10% for carbs[3]. Protein is also great for keeping you full, so you’ll be less likely to reach for dessert or a second serving.

Movement is also key for boosting your metabolism. Research shows over and over again how exercise – particularly high intensity exercise – can improve metabolic function in different organs of your body.[4] From helping you shed off extra pounds to improving your overall health, mixing in some heavy lifting for even greater results. But ultimately, it takes more than one ingredient to truly lose weight.  

This Is How You Know If Your Metabolism Is Slowing Down | The Active Times


The Aligned Life Membership

 While we’ve spoken about boosting your metabolic health to help you lose excess weight, the bottom line is: wellness is the key to true protection from COVID. It takes a holistic approach that targets nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mental health – and it often takes working on these consistently over a long time. Our Aligned Life Membership was created to provide people with this 360-degree support.

From customized nutrition plans to virtual streams of a variety of workouts, our membership combines coaching, education, workouts, healthy eating, and more. Join us at our boutique studio when it reopens – for vaccinated members as per the NYC mandate – or simply tune into all our programs online. The Aligned Life Membership is here to support your wellness over the long term – whether it’s in person or digitally.



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