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Wellness Coaching for Metabolic Health

Our Ultimate Wellness Digital Membership is a doctor supervised holistic wellness coaching program designed to take you from your current level of metabolic health to your personal next level – whatever that may be. Over the course of your program, you will work directly with Dr. Brown to improve and correct any metabolic health related issues from body composition to blood sugar regulation to energy and mood. Your program will be co-created by you and Dr. Brown to unfold as a dynamic wellness journey. You will work one-on-one with Dr. Brown and your holistic health coach to implement your program and ensure your success. Our Ultimate Wellness Membership starts with Dr. Brown’s 6 month Choosing Health program and continues for an additional 6 months of our Unlimited Wellness Digital Membership. The Ultimate Wellness Membership is a 12 month program.

About Dr. Brown

Hi! My name is Dr. Brown. I am co-owner of Align Brooklyn. I am a Licensed Chiropractor, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer.

As long as I can remember, my life has been about health and wellness. As an athlete, I became intimately aware of the interdependence and interrelationship of behavior, diet and attitude with overall health and well-being. I discovered that the more in sync that these factors are, the better my performance both on and off the field.

As a practitioner in the field of functional healthcare, I view the client as a unique individual with a unique lifestyle, and thus unique needs. For more than 30 years I have helped thousands of clients achieve greater vitality and live more productive lives.

Your Program, Your Goals

Your program will be co-created by you and Dr. Brown to unfold as a 180 day wellness journey. Your goals can include improving metabolic health, managing blood sugar issues, improving body composition, increasing energy levels, reducing inflammation, and improving immunity.


Co-Create Your Program

You will work with Dr. Brown to design your custom program. You will set achievable and measurable wellness goals.

Dr. Brown will review relevant diagnostic information including blood tests, genetic testing such as 23andMe, and orthopedic diagnostics and work with you to design a holistic custom program.

At the end of this process you will have a written program that will fit your goals and lifestyle.


Get Off to the Right Start

You will meet with Dr. Brown regularly to assess how the program is going. You will stay in touch with your health coach and have unlimited access to coaching. Any needed tweaks and adjustments will be made. You will receive a revised written program. You will troubleshoot any issues with consistency and develop an actionable and practical plan.


Make Adjustments and Up Level

Throughout your program you will work with Dr. Brown each week to ensure that you are making consistent progress toward your goals. You will have weekly compliance check ins with your coach to ensure that you stay on track.


Assess Progress and Plan for the Future

You will complete the program with a final assessment of your progress and collaborate on a plan for moving forward and maintaining the habits you developed.

This program is right for you if:

  • You believe that nutrition is key to staying healthy, but you’re not sure where to start or what is really optimal for your body.
  • You struggle with body composition and want to improve your metabolic health.
  • You care a ton about your wellness, but have fallen off of self-care and could use some support.
  • You’ve have been diagnosed with a metabolic health condition and want to get to 100% as quickly as you can.
  • You want to develop a truly unshakable, mind-body philosophy of wellness that carries you through all stages of your life.
  • You want to push yourself to a new level of fitness and wellness, and maintain it once you get there.

Healthy body composition, immunity and resilience are largely within our control, and are more important than ever.

During your program you will strengthen weak areas and solidify strong ones. Regardless of your starting place, you will improve your metabolic health, and strengthen your immunity, reduce inflammation and improve your resilience as a result.


Learn our Choosing Health nutritional system for vitality and longevity. This is a highly customizable anti-inflammatory, pro-immunity nutrition plan. Gain a deeper understanding of gut health, detoxification and intolerances.


Learn what mindset techniques can keep you on track with wellness goals throughout your life. These include how to build and improve habits, the benefits of tracking, and understanding salutogenesis. Learn the dynamics of stress, why managing stress is so important and proven techniques to do so.


We spend a third of our lives sleeping, but rarely think about how to improve it. We now know that sleep is essential to what we eat, how foods are metabolized, how we move and how we feel about our lives. Learn all about sleep and the most effective strategies to enhance sleep and rest.


Learn what is needed for functional movement including exercise, posture, and myofascial health. Learn techniques to ensure you move more each day.


Our environment impacts our health in many ways. From common household toxins to time we spend outside, we can all improve our connection with our environment.

Doctor Supervised

Your program is co-created with Dr. Brown of Align Brooklyn, and all coaching is supervised by Dr. Brown. He and his team are available to answer any specific question you may have about your wellness and customize your activities.

Customized for You

Wellness, optimal health and vitality are not one-size-fits-all and must be regularly adjusted to fit your life and needs. We are here to make sure that your program is a fit so that you can consistently improve, reduce stress and live vibrantly.

Support for Success

You will have the support of an expert team of coaches supervised by Dr. Brown. You will not be left to hold yourself accountable on your own. We will encourage, customize and support you throughout your journey.

Holistic Approach

Our approach to wellness is based on finding your dynamic balance between stress reduction activities, cardiovascular health, core training, flexibility and nutritional status. We believe that smart balance is the key to longevity and vitality.

About Align Brooklyn

Align Brooklyn is a boutique wellness studio offering mindful practices including yoga, Pilates, barre, HIIT, chiropractic and nutrition to increase your functional vitality. Our array of services are centered around one theme: alignment of body, mind and heart. We believe that the synthesis of strength, core stability, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, balance, optimal nutritional status, and mental awareness creates wellness. Align Brooklyn is owned by a chiropractor, who specializes in sports injury and performance, and so we are able to provide clients with the highest quality fitness and wellness science available.


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