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What is Iyengar Yoga?

So, as you know, we’re offering a new class called Yoga Align! This class incorporates many aspects of Iyengar Yoga – and we realize that many of you might be new to Iyengar, or have never heard of it.

Here’s the rundown: Iyengar Yoga was named after B. K. S. Iyengar (who developed the style). It is a form of yoga that focuses on detail, precision and alignment in yoga asanas. Props like belts, blocks and blankets are often used to help in the performance of the asanas. Using props is great for enabling people with physical limitations or beginner students, and It also reduces the risk of injury. Iyengar was a pioneer in the yoga world for this reason. No one before him had used props in this manner.

“Iyengar Yoga comes directly from the most classical Hatha yoga tradition, but it has evolved into a very precise and clear method that is easily understood by the modern practitioner. There is a lot of attention paid to the technical alignment of the poses to keep the mind drawn inwards, but also focused and connected to reality.” – Adela Serrano

**Yoga Align classes are currently not being offered, but will resume when we reopen the studio. Check out our schedule to see what’s coming up in our livestream classes offered currently. But we can’t wait to see you in the studio one day!

You can click here to watch a video that further explains Iyengar Yoga.

Published December 8, 2019