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Yoga Align | Our Newest Class

Are you ready to take your physical health to the next level? Yoga ALIGN is the newest addition to our schedule! Yoga Align is a RECOVERY class! This class will enhance your workouts, your movement will be more fluid, you will align yourself properly and condition yourself to avoid injury.

This Iyengar inspired yoga class is designed to help you improve and maintain optimal posture. Yoga Align takes a mindful whole body approach, integrating alignment, balance and resilience, rotating each week between a focus on either back, front, lateral and spiral myofascial meridian lines. The class incorporates the use of a yoga suspension wall, Iyengar chairs, as well as other props, such as straps and blocks to facilitate feedback and support towards optimizing asanas for your unique biomechanics. You will leave this class with a heightened sense of grounded-ness, and ease in body, mind and heart. Accessible to all levels. Perfect for those suffering from back and neck pain, as well as other orthopedic injuries.

Check out Dr. Brown’s video in which he explains more about it : CLICK HERE.

**Yoga Align classes are currently not being offered, but will resume when we reopen the studio. Check out our schedule to see what’s coming up in our livestream classes offered currently.
Published November 22, 2019