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Life Hacks For Reducing Back Pain

Almost all of us will experience back pain at one point or another of the course of our lives. However, there is so much we can do do prevent the pain from surfacing in the first place AND when it does, remedy it. Keep reading to see how you can improve your overall wellbeing and prevent back pain!

  1. Keep your body moving. For most kinds of back pain, inactivity does more harm than good. Walk as much as possible, do some simple core exercises, take a 5 minute walk around every hour of sitting, stand instead of sitting…you get the gist! Figure out ways to switch up your daily routine to keep your body moving.

  2. Maintain good posture. Tips:

  • keep your knees slightly bent while standing
  • bear your weight mostly on the balls of your feet
  • keep your feet ~ shoulder width apart
  • engage/flex your core muscles whenever possible
  • keep your spine straight when carrying heavy things (like groceries)…avoid leaning to one side.
  • check our Dr. Brown’s ‘Posture Perfect Program’ to dive deeper!
  1. Increase your Calcium and Vitamin D intake (easily found in dairy and leafy greens respectively). These dietary additions will prevent osteoporosis and maintain bone strength.

  2. Wear comfortable shoes. Ladies, high heels are not great for the back! Shoes with less than a one-inch heel is ideal. You can also look into orthotics if you want to go the extra mile with comfortable footwear.

  3. Stretch often. See below for some great stretches to engage in before bed time:

  4. Get adjusted by a chiropractor like Dr. Brown 🙂 Getting adjusted improves joint mobility, prevents arthritis, improves circulation, improves athletic performance, **decreases pain** and so much more.

Published December 30, 2019