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Dr. Brown is wonderful! He takes time to analyze and understand your needs while making a plan to correct your problem. Most chiropractors are rack ’em and crack ’em. Not Dr, Brown! He’s a health and wellness specialist who really wants to find solutions to your physical alignment. I’ve noticed that I’m standing taller, and my posture is much better. The staff is great, and I love that it’s connected to a yoga studio.

Ben D.

I have been having back issues since I was very young. In late 2015 my ordeal with pain management started to consume my life. I found Align and Dr. Brown close to my home and decided to give it a try in 2016. I’m still going to Align to this day and renewed my yoga package to take me into 2020. Dr. Brown has provided great insight into cause of my pain (diet, stress management and exercise advice). I have had chiropractic adjustment, Myofascial release, tried variety of classes offered and workshops that Dr. Brown runs during the year. I take away a lot of knowledge about my body and how to take care of my injury. This is a great little space with friendly and attentive staff and classes for every level.

Natalia B.

Amazing studio!! The classes are fun and engaging and always make you feel better. Excellent teachers, very knowledgeable and approachable. all around an excellent experience every single time. Highly highly recommended!!

Petronille P.

Align Brooklyn is an amazing studio! All of the instructors are thoughtful in preparing the class and motivating everyone throughout to do their best. I’ve gained so much self confidence since starting classes here!

Stephanie D.

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